Where do you deliver to?

We are a Melbourne based food business, currently we deliver to all inner and outer Metropolitan suburbs as far as Melton, Peninsula ,Somerton, Healesville, Point Cook and some regional areas.  (AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT DELIVER TO GEELONG)

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When do I have to order by and what day do you deliver to me?

All orders are delivered on TUESDAY morning and orders need to be submitted by FRIDAY 12 MIDDAY.

Delivery Window: Typically, 5am – 12pm window, Our drivers work hard to arrive as early as possible however we cannot guarantee an exact time. Please leave clear instructions on your order. If your driver cannot meet your requests and no one is home, they will deliver to your address. We ask you to accept responsibility of your food and arrange for it to be refrigerated asap!

I work on the mornings of delivery. Can you deliver to me before I leave for work?

We have really hard working drivers who will try their best to deliver at preferred times. HOWEVER we cannot guarantee set times, understanding there are routes morning traffic and sometimes large amounts of food boxes to deliver! Inner City suburbs are typically delivered between 5-10 am. When ordering let us know your needs and we will communicate this to your driver.

We offer a window of time that is typically from 5am -12pm. Most of our working customers with no one home opt for a work delivery.

Can you deliver to my work?

YES! We can ask drivers to deliver during business hours.

Can you deliver to me if I'm not home?

We can deliver as long as the driver has an accessible, safe and secure delivery spot to place your food. (ie, if youre in a secure building, we will not leave your food out on the street!)

Please understand that once delivered we ask you to be responsible to get your food into a fridge ! Your food is delivered at a temperature under 3 degrees and will rise within two hours. Please arrange for refridgeration.

How does ordering work, can I order across your different menus?

YES! The minimum order is $90.

Can I order side meals to make up my dishes?

Our minimum order requirement is $90. We dont mind what you order! We have created side dishes that include desserts, breakfasts, soups and main dishes . There is a really nutritious and delicious range to select from. We also offer our 3 week wholefood diet programmes, they are very popular and we see amazing results in health. Yes!

How long is the food OK in my delivery box?

Once delivered we strongly suggest you get your food in a fridge immediately. The food is in your food box chilled under 4 degrees. It can stay there for 2 hours at the most. After that, it needs to go into a fridge below 4 degrees.

Does my food arrive frozen?

NO. We cook to order the day before we deliver your food. It arrives freshly prepared in a 500ml (diet) or 700ml (CF&G) container that has a fridge shelf life of 4-5 days max. Our meals are freezable with the exception of ingredients that are: raw, contain polenta, tofu or gluten free pasta (the constitution isnt the same after freezing so eat these meals, if youve ordered them, first!)

Can I microwave my food?

This is up to you. For the best result we suggest you take the food out of the delivery containers and take care that food is heated throughly and evenly avoiding overcooking.

Can you use eco friendly packaging?

We have in the past and currently are still sourcing a bio packaging product that does not leak, go soggy or/and can withstand reheating in a microwave. (All of them do not!)

We have found a great product that can be frozen but does not handle any kind of heat. For the general masses, this is problematic as the dependence on microwaves is still the majority.

Where do you source your ingredients?

  • We purchase all our meat from local butchers who raise grass fed and free range animals.
  • All of our pulses and grains are organic. We do not use canned beans. We soak our pulses and wash twice and cook them ourselves. All our rices are brown or black
  • We do not ever use fillers - no added gluten, no bread, no thickeners and minimal dairy.
  • Our produce is purchased from both local markets buyng organic produce and locally from orchard grown farmers who use minimal chemicals on their produce.
  • We DO NOT support or buy GMO produce or products.
  • All our herbs and salts are organic and fresh. Our salt is himilayan or celtic only.
  • We only use olive and coconut oils.
  • We do not use anything processed or white. No white pasta, rice, no jarred sauces, herbs or food. We will on occasion use white potatoes if we believe it adds to the recipe - it will be noted on the meal's description.
  • We make everything from scratch with real food ingredients.