Our food is born from a passion for Clean Eating, cooking and the holistic wellbeing it brings to our clients lives. A genuine love for cooking a simple, nutrient rich diet for optimum health and wellbeing has become our life’s passion. Our menus are designed with the body’s natural processes in mind. A wide range of experience working with athletes, vegans and people with food intolerances has provided us with the knowledge to create a balanced and nutritious “cell and live giving” food lifestyle menu.

There are plenty of “Clean Eating” options and we know there are so many choices out there. Our food is very simple. It’s honest and real. No fancy words or processes here….fresh herbs, produce, grains, pulses and clean meats. We cook it from scratch, no short cuts. It’s simple, clean flavoured food. We think it sells itself. Like anything you “buy”. Try it on and if it fits…WELCOME!”

At Organic Kitchen Caterers we cook this way because we love to eat this way. We see food clients transform into people living with such empowered health, lean and healthy skin and bodies, regardless of age. We have to live our lives to the fullest, feed your heart, muscles, cells and change your body’s chemistry for optimum vitality.”